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How To Become A Legend And A Football Great

Football is a fun and dream game for every young boy growing up, wherever part of the world you go to, whichever part of the world you intend to turn to, for sure you’ll find a pitch or field of play, Football players are everywhere in this whole part of the world training and practicing to become one of those recognised in world football.

Everyone’s dream on soccer would be on how to become a football great like that of Brazilian legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pele, Messi and Christiano Ronaldo who have won six and five ballon d’or respectively, If you are wondering whether you have what it takes to have the world watch you on the field of play, or you want to grow your own skills, Here are the tips to become a successful professional footballer.

1) Burning eagerness: If only your aim of playing football is just for money or estimation then you have to be playing for fun.what I meant is that you have to have the motivation and passion where playing at a top level matters to you most than the getting paid the money. For you to have the determination to get through all the stresses,downs and pressure of playing through to professional carrier you need to have a true love for the game not for the money else you will end up being unhappy throughout your carrier. For example: if I’m to play for Real Madrid or Manchester United I could care less for how much I’m paid my main focus and determination would be to grab the experience of playing with top players and training in the beautiful environment, playing week in week out in the big stadium would beat any salary, another influential part of being focused in the game is that any improved player will always link with a transfer to a bigger Club which would offer you much more improved payment.”What do you think?

2) Quality Training: If you haven’t heard about 10,000 rules, I want to use this opportunity to share it with you the way you’d understand. The rule states that for you to be exceptional at something you have to train at it for ten thousand hours, it may sound unreal but that’s the fact about it, the principle of it in this context is that if you want to be a successful professional footballer you need to train, train and train harder, there is no limitations or enough of training and skills practice required in football, if your mates train three times a day, as a determined and focused player you need an extra training to make a different. You always need to learn continuously in other to stay on top of the pack, therefore learn how to balance learning and training, you can take time and learn some new skills and put it into practice.

3) Set a Target: setting a goal will always keep you moving to the right direction, they are our driving force if you want to become a successful footballer, a good example of it is when you start up with the academy team you will decide on how long you would wish to be there before you would be recruited to another club or to join the senior side. When you know how long you’d want to stay somewhere you have to work, work, and work to improve in every aspect of the game and ensure you are on track to reach your goals, and again when you are setting a goal you have to be attentive and make the realistic one, you can’t start with academy today and expect to be up there with the senior once tomorrow. When you have a realistic goals you don’t rush to the next level, take it gradually.

4) Work On Weaker foot: On this modern football one significant way to become a better footballer is by making yourself confident using your weaker foot, being perfect with both foot would be a blessing in disguised, this is a skill that can separate you from plenty of other footballers and if you can strengthen your weaker foot from early age a chance of becoming a great footballer would increase. For example, when I was a kid my father always wanted me to become a footballer, at just age of six my dad have started teaching me on how to use both foot to perform some nice skills, when he discovered that I’m perfect with the right foot he decided that I’ll only increase my game by learning more of the left side and that’s why I can use my both foot perfectly, former arsenal play maker Carzola also shared his experience of being both footed, he said in an interview in 2014/2015 season”. I have always preferred the right foot ever since I was younger, I was a little bit hurt in my right once, and that’s when I started to use my left foot alot more
Being able to use both feet is something that came quite natural to me ever since I started playing, However, it is something I continuously work on in a very strong manner to ensure my level never get any lower.
Everything comes from a base of hard work. After training sessions I’ll stay extra half-an-hour and kick the ball against the wall with my weaker foot over and over again to make sure it becomes stronger and better, players should remember everything comes from hard work.

5) Join A Team: This is proved part of being a professional footballer, you can never become a great footballer if you are only playing by yourself in the backyard. though, there are players that go out to the street to showcase their skills but more often than not, they only offer some moment of excitement, if you want to play to the abstract of football you need a team, group of players that would form a good playing pattern. Through a team you will have others to help you improve and motivate you. Moreover you will have the chance to showcase your skills, other recruiter from a bigger club around the world might sign you up, or you can even got a call up from your national team to play in the international matches. So therefore, it’s important to be in an organized team, it will surely improve your status as a footballer.

6) Learn Rules Of The Game: In every game played there is always rules that guide it, soccer isn’t different from it. If you want to succeed in playing football you must know the rules of football and also have a clear understanding of the regulation involved. Moreover, besides knowing the rules you will also know how to apply them while on the field of play that will benefit you. If a player is fouled and referee blowed the whistle it shows that the game have to be stopped, if continues the referee might take an action by giving out yellow card to the player that’s still moves the ball. It’s necessary to play with instruction so you can become one of the best in the game.

7) Watch And Learn From Professionals: As an amateur, you have to be taking a closer look at the best players in your position, and again you can be listening to pundits analysing match of the day after the full-time.
Consider and practice on what you understand from the pundits, try to incorporate it into your game and make it a dream come true,
You can also learn on YouTube from all the best in the world of football, you can decide to learn C.Ronaldo foot work for one month then Messi’s goal scoring magic the next time and also Fabrigas passing ability, all these can materialize once you believe you can do it. sure this can make you become one of the best player in the world.

8) know The Diet You Take: you need to discover what’s best for you to eat or drink that will benefit you going forward, having a nutritionist will help you on that and will surely keep you in best possible shape.
What are the things you need to be eating and drinking for a good shape as a footballer?
Carbohydrates and protein are well needed in your diet, that will give you the energy and body balance you need. Eating more of vegetables is also crucial to a footballer diet, its a source of vitamin and mineral to your body system.

END OF IT: when you’re done with the tips showed you below, I promise you that your carrier would be an amazing one that will even put many pundit into meltdown, fans also would be chanting your name all over the stadium praising your dribbling skills,body and ball control and hopes you become a club legend. GOODLUCK.

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