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Real Reason Why C.Ronaldo Is Better Than Lionel Messi.

Two football stars has stolen the headline and also causing debate among football fans in the world today. Predict who they are? Yeah, I guess you got it right” C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both have being dominating game of soccer for decades. The fans, the football stars, the critics, the coaches, it seems that everyone in this world who has anything to do with football has giving his/her thought and opinion on the matter. Some regards Ronaldo as the greatest footballer of all time while some sees Messi as the greatest footballer of all time too. However, if we put our favouritism and emotions aside and focus on stats and reality we will realize that surely Ronaldo is ahead of Messi in the Goat debate. Let’s go straight to the matter and see why Ronaldo is the best.
(1) World Class Goalscoring: on this part Ronaldo really outclassed his counterpart. The juventus forward has posted a better goalscoring rate in four(4) of the last five(5) seasons, and during his nine year period in Spain, Ronaldo incredibly scored 450 goals in just 438 appearances.

The former Real Madrid star also scores an eye watering goals such as incredible volleys, acrobatic efforts, and in addition powerful long range goals. If there is a player keepers won’t like to face, Ronaldo would surely come first.

(2) Speed Test: when it comes to speed we all know how far Ronaldo have gone about it. Although Messi has delicate control and such quick feet, Ronaldo have proved and shows no slowdown on his pace though he isn’t getting any younger.

The former Real Madrid forward have being one of the fastest pure sprinters in the game. If you can recall the Champions league semifinal at Manchester when long ball was thrown forward Ronaldo outpaced Puyol and Zambrotta, considered as the fastest centre back pair then in the game, from a ball both started from about 20 yards and Ronaldo 40 to 50 yards away
An argument can be made of which type of speed is more important, speed on ball or sprinting speed? But in this case sprinting is the category as speed with the ball has more factors, its all gift from God.
(3) Strong In The Air: since the existence of soccer, heading have been one of the source to scoring and creating goals. So when comparing the two, Ronaldo and Messi, isn’t fair anyway as Ronaldo stands 6’2″ taller than Messi 5’7″, The outstanding aspect of Ronaldo heading ability is the threat he possesses that other taller forward never possessed. The example of it is the amazing heading against Chelsea in Champions League Final 2008, although it hit the Woodwork.
(4) Already Proved In Multiple League: Isn’t that we are criticising Messi for been loyal to Barcelona, However, Ronaldo travel across Europe have only strengthened his argument at being the best in the world. The Portuguese and former Manchester United forward won the ballon d’or at age of 23, the only player that have claimed the award from English premier league. After a few years in Spain, he soon edged out Messi to establish himself as best in Spanish La Liga. He has also won every personal award in both divisions, in addition to every domestic trophy available. C.Ronaldo is considered a legend at both Manchester United and Real Madrid, it’s likely he will also create an accolade for himself before departing from Juventus.

(5) International Success: Ronaldo still edges Messi out on this one, thanks to 109 minute extra time goal scored by Elder at European cup final 2016. It is important Ronaldo has won the silverware with Portugal, the most important thing is that the forward has always performed to his maximum capability while on international duties, he has never turned back to his national team. On the other side Messi has a qreat scoring records for Argentina. But his performance have failed to match the one he provides for Barcelona, The Argentine forward have never won any honour with his national team.
(6) Under Pressure Performances: In this aspect of game Ronaldo is a well known player who handles the pressure of the game and perform to the best of his ability no matter how tough it looks like, but on the side of it Messi has shown time to time that his is not pressure handling type of player

A good example of it is the two time he have announced his retirement from national team after embarrassing defeats but later on he still returns to the team, Ronaldo have never done such and it doesn’t look like he will do such after inspiring his team to glory when he was subbed off after an injury hitup during European cup final in 2016, Ronaldo stood up with his kneel injury and kept the players going forward till full-time.

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