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The Difference Between EPL And La Liga

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I agree that La Liga arguably has a higher level, greater quality and the top mega superstars that English football has been lacking in the past few seasons.

But the Premier League is more exciting, more competitive, more dramatic and also more unpredicted and also more physical in strength. In my opinion, it’s the best league in the world because it’s the most entertaining football league and most popular league with alot of quality teams.

In the case of proof even some Coaches agree with the saying that premier league is the most entertaining football league in the world, look at what Aitor Karanka says in his interview during his management time in England. Here in premier league you get upsets easily and you don’t in Spain and games are exciting in premier league until the end of the game,even some other managers such as Pep Guardiola have testify about the way all teams competite in Epl which makes it hard to win a Trouphy there.

In the past years it has always been hard for any manager on his first management in England to win a Trouphy on his first season the last time it happened was Antonio Conte time at Chelsea which never happened again but in La Liga new Coaches win Trouphy on their first season which proof the difference.

Obviously in terms of quality La Liga has the best players in the world with Messi, Suarez,Benzema,Bale,Modric,Ramos etc even Eden Hazard who was an EPL player before.

Also In terms of entertainment and unpredictability the Premier League is streets ahead. You only have to look at the logjam in terms of who stays top and who gets Religated it has always been a tough one to battle each time the season starts you can’t predict who wins the league and who gets Religated but not in Spanish league, is already known is between Barcelona or Real Madrid who becomes the Champions but not so in England league for the past years or so

So if you want competitiveness, unpredictabilit, excitement and games that really aren’t over until the finial whistle the premier league is the one to watch then.
At least in EPL six teams – the current top six-have realistic chances of winning the league.just during the case of Leicester City a team battling in the Relagation came back next season and won the league and stays on top six since then but it has never been seen in Spanish league for years now.

But If you are defining which league is best in terms of technical and passing ability, then La Liga still wins.

Take a look at La Liga’s best sides – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid – are better than the top teams in the Premier League.

Yes, Manchester City did beat Barcelona even Liverpool and Chelsea also did, but that much-heralded first win was the premier league at it’s best-high-pressing, counter-attacking football but did not out-play Barcelona in terms of possession and passing accuracy.

If you define best in terms of coaches, than La Liga is behind England still and the Premier League is “the world champions for managers” as Arsene Wenger put it. But for players, La Liga is still the best than the Premier League and more of the world’s best players play in Spain than in England.

Also in terms of Jerseys been sold out Premiership has always been the best in selling of Jerseys in the whole world the Quantity of Jerseys sold by the English teams such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal has always been far more better than the Spanish team Jerseys.

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